Our Mission

Ms Jane KindergartenTo develop our children into successful students who love to learn & give their very best effort. To develop compassion for other children and to learn to make choices that reflects this quality.

Age Groupings

  • Jr. K –  need to be turning 4 by end of December
  • K – need to be turning 5 by end of December

Kindergarten Curriculum


Early Steps – teacher directed, hands on activities. Modern curriculum press work books.


Modern Curriculum Press – strong phonics based program, first grade level. Stresses word attack skills while giving the child the satisfaction of reading. Each child receives a set of 10 primers and a workbook.

Easy Readers


Most homework will include the parent and child doing an activity together. Responsibility of the child returning their homework is stressed.

Pre/Post Testing

Placement testing is done in October in order to form reading and math groups. We post test in April to determine each child’s individual growth.

Report Cards

Students will receive 2 report cards with the 2nd one including the teacher’s student placement recommendation for the following year.

Field Trip

The Director takes the Kindergarteners on a field trip in May. This is to honor the Born Learner Graduates!

Directed Draw ProgramBorn Learners monart program

Directed Draw involves training a child to perceive visual data with an alphabet of 5 basic elements of shape- the dot, circle, straight line, curved line and the angle line. The approach gives the children the freedom to create their own composition and detail. The language and atmosphere in the room are geared toward a non-competitive and non-judgemental environment, where the child learns there is no wrong way to draw and that everybody can be successful.

Conflict Resolution

Children are taught how to solve their problems through a simple 3 step process. 

Born Learners Kindergarten vs Public School

These are some of the comparisons that were shared by parents who have experienced both our program and the public schools’. These comparisons are in no way a “put down” of the public system, but only our intent to share with you some of the feelings and comments of our former Kindergarten parents.

  • The trend of holding students back a year has caused the public schools to become more academic in kindergarten as some of their students are 6 years old. Our kindergarten has always successfully prepared our students for first grade. Now, our curriculum can prepare your child for either program – kindergarten or first.  We academically challenge your child as we emotionally nurture them. We provide reading and math workbooks.
  • Our program is 5.5 hours, while public school is only 3.5. Our longer day allows for the creative subjects, as well as academics. The longer day allows for children to feel less pressured. For the transitional kindergarten in the public schools, the child’s birthday has to be July 1st – December 2nd. Oak Park 8:15a-12:15p Westlake Village 8:25a – 11:45a.
  • Our program is a maximum of 12 students where public school is 22. Half the class size= double the attention
  • Our “parent friendly policy” allows the child to easily transition to emotional independence as opposed to the “no parents beyond the gate” policy of some public schools.
  • Most public kindergarten programs are isolated from the primary classes, so they will be meeting all new friends in first grade, so this ameliorates the fear of not knowing their elementary friends.

Kindergarten Parent Testimonial

Our kids have both attended Born Learners for preschool. Our family feels so lucky to have found this special school. Shaded with Oak trees, this picturesque setting provides a fun place for kids to explore and be creative. The teachers and staff are warm, kind, and in tune to all of the children. We look forward to our next child attending Born Learners!

Carrie & Ryan Levis – parents