Program Content – All Students

The following information reflects the materials available for use in some or all of the school’s programs.

Theme Projects

Each month is characterized by a theme. The students have many activities and in-house trips which center on a theme.

Arts, Crafts, Creative Play, and Cooking

Time is provided for children to creatively express themselves through art, drama, music, dance and cooking activities. This divergent type of thinking is a part of their daily program.

Motor Movement

Our unique rural environment allows for climbing , swinging, hiking, and exploring. During free play the children can use the equipment and their imagination in order to create an interesting and fun atmosphere.

A planned motor movement program is used to develop the children’s abilities in the following areas: fine and gross motor coordination, balance, agility, and strength. Our confidence trail features a log jump, hurdle, balance beams, and tire trot.

Sharing and Story Time

These times are important for development of the child’s self-expression. We encourage children to share things which they feel are important to them. Story time is used to develop higher thinking skills.

The teacher asks questions which encourage the child to analyze, comprehend, and evaluate the story, The teacher stimulates the child’s creative thinking by asking ‘what if’ questions. Children are encouraged to make up their own stories.

Socialization and Independence

IMG_7672We encourage our students to accomplish for themselves. They learn to do and undo their thermoses, open and close their lunch pails—seemingly small efforts but large in terms of a child. We also encourage students to ‘use words’ to make their needs and feelings known.

We teach the children a three-step problem-solving technique in order for them to settle disagreements amongst themselves. We believe an adult is necessary as a facilitator but not always required as the final problem-solver. If children feel competent in coping with their environment at an early age, they gain the confidence necessary at a later stage.

School Performances

Music time provides an opportunity for children to develop oral language, sequencing skills, auditory memory, articulation skills, and perceptive skills, all in an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere.

These skills are developed through group singing, finger-plays, and the use of rhythm instruments. The children get a chance to display their musical and dramatic talents during June’s Promotion Ceremony, which is held in the evening.

Snacks and Lunches

We believe in providing a nutritious snack so that children are learning early in life about good eating habits. Students bring their own lunches and drinks. This is a good time for students and teachers to relax and visit with each other. Good manners and cleaning up after one’s self are practiced.