Give Your Child the Right Start

IMG_7703Small children are Born Learners. It is the goal of our school to give them the Right Start. The Born Learners School achieves this objective by providing a warm, caring environment in which your child’s natural zest for learning is nurtured and developed.Our philosophy of child development responds to the whole child that walks through our doors.

As educators, we enthusiastically accept each child’s uniqueness and individualize our teaching methods to suit their learning styles. We strive to provide each child with the right start toward a lifetime of learning success. Our approach focuses on four key points.

Positive Self Concept

School not only determines how your child learns, it also determines how your child perceives himself.
Our teaching methods build a child’s self confidence by giving encouragement for not only successful achievement, but also for a child’s willingness to try something new.

Confident children are more willing to explore new learning experiences and thus reach their full potential. Our goal is to “catch your child doing something right.” Positive behaviors are recognized and awarded on a daily basis. Positive self concept leads to academic success.

Independent Thinking & Life Skills

Young EngineersOur school recognizes that children need to be in an environment where they can make choices and learn responsibility. Our classrooms are organized into centers so children learn how to organize and to develop positive work and play habits.

Problem solving is an important life skill. Your children learn simple techniques to assist them in settling problems amongst friends. Part of learning is listening, so children learn easy steps that prepare them for effective listening and focusing. Developing skills in the areas of independence, problem solving and focusing leads to self reliance.

Creative Thinking

School needs to challenge children’s minds beyond just right and wrong answers. Our method guides the student to higher thinking tasks, involving not just recall, but comprehension, detail, prediction and evaluation. The students are also encouraged to explore music, art, dance and crafts.

Academic Achievement

A strong foundation allows for the construction of a sturdy house. This analogy is just as true when applied to academic achievement. Our approach emphasizes:

  • Visual and auditory perception.
  • Body coordination.
  • Oral language, which is the main means for young children to communicate their impressions, needs and feelings.
  • Content areas of reading, math, science and computers are introduced and taught through the use of meaningful and motivating materials.

Our teaching style exposes children to academic concepts without pressure and with much encouragement.

How Parents Benefit from Our Right Start Program

School to Parent CommunicationIMG_770

  • Monthly Class Newsletter and Calendar
  • Student Progress Report Cards and Conferences
  • Parent-School Policy Handbooks
  • Written School Behavior Plan

Parent Services

  • Educational Consultant Services
  • Home Behavioral Strategy Planning
  • Speech Assessments

Parent Participation

  • Parent Involvement Group (fundraising, class volunteers, and school improvement)
  • Family Directory
  • Open Door Policy on School Visitations
  • Evening Special Performances (Back to School Night, Open House, and Graduation)