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Parent Resources

IMG_7661The success of Born Learners School depends upon parental involvement. Born Learners has experienced continuous growth and support through fundraising, social events and enrichment programs with the children.

Contributions include helping in the classroom, providing treats at holiday parties or by helping with equipment upkeep and seasonal gardening around the school. Parents lead the fundraising activities and family events throughout the year. Special events are noted on our annual calendar; a full listing of all activities and volunteer programs are available from the office.

We have many ways you can participate in your child’s educational program.

Parent Input Representatives

This group consists of two representatives from each classroom. These parents meet with the Director on a monthly basis. The purpose of the group is to share parental concerns, suggestions and ideas. These parents may be called by other parents to give input to the Director.

Room Parents

Each class has two Room Parents. They are responsible for creating the classroom parties, including activities and refreshments. They contact other parents for classroom needs.

Classroom Volunteers


Parents can volunteer for in-class time. Activities are given to the parent by the teacher, i.e. helping in an art center, tutoring, etc. The time can be scheduled weekly or for special events.

School Events

Parents who are unable to participate in the above ways can participate by being available for assistance in special school events. You may be called for refreshments, special skills. etc.