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Ms. Tammy PreschoolThe Peabody Early Experience Kit program is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 4. The program focuses on the following development areas:

  • Affective: Awareness of self, social interaction, awareness of others.
  • Cognitive: Concepts of shape, size, color, memory, numbers, creativity, problem solving.
  • Linguistic: Vocabulary development, questioning skills, verbal expression.

All these skills are taught through the central character puppet, Mr. Pazoo. He is used to teach the new concepts, to stimulate the children to solve problems, to tell stories, and to lead the children in the learning games.

Reading Readiness

The Alpha Time program is a multi-media, multi-sensory beginning reading program. It allows the child to develop his prerequisite reading skills through active participation, visual delight and fantasy. Each alphabet letter is introduced as a “Huggable Letter Person.”

The program includes a variety of experience in visual, oral and auditory discrimination, comprehension, sequencing, listening, following directions, music and rhythm.

Word Recognition/Writing

Children receive practice in recognizing their names and tracing the letters of the alphabet.

Independent Centers

The areas of art, craft, science, music, themes, and creative play are introduced to the students during learning centers. The students may exercise their independence in choosing centers, as well as experiencing the teacher-directed centers.

Children in these early stages of development learn and grow by doing – centers provide them with the opportunity, i.e., painting, clay, dress-up, blocks, drawing, water play, dance, singing, building, musical instruments.

Preschool Parent Testimonial

Since starting preschool at Born Learners, my daughter has grown in so many ways. She has gained confidence, a love for music and art, and the ability to share and respect others. She is excited to go to school every morning and has the best stories to tell at the end of the day. The community of teachers, staff, and parents is wonderful and there are always ways to get involved with the school. I look forward to many years to come with our children at Born Learners!

Stephanie Siefert – parent

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