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Jr. Kindergarten


The Goldman-Lynch method teaches the child to recognize and produce letter sounds and to develop various skills in language and its graphic or written symbolization, which will contribute to academic success in early school years.

Motivating lessons stimulate both auditory and visual channels. The main character puppet is MISTER HIGH HAT, who introduces the child to one of his friends who has a specific sound and a special problem, i.e., “Marty Mouse (M) has lost his cheese.”

This format gives a strong foundation in both phonic skills and sight vocabulary. By incorporating the personality of High Hat and his friends, we are giving the child motivating, concrete associations to an otherwise abstract concept of sounds and symbols.


The Early Steps Math program gives you a total approach to teaching beginning math. Exciting manipulatives used in sequenced lessons provide everything needed to make math come alive for students, and to develop specific thinking skills in problem solving, estimating, comparing, classifying, representing and applying.

Students will receive a strong foundation in seven vital areas: Geometry, numeration, addition/subtraction, measurement, time, fractions and money.

Perception Centers

These centers use materials that develop the areas, which the child uses to process information:

  • Visual: That which he sees
  • Auditory: That which he hears
  • Eye-Hand Coordination: That which he writes

Science and Social Studies

Ms Gail Jr. Kindergarten

Children will be provided with opportunity to explore, discover and understand the world around them through science projects and activities that involve cooking, growing plants in our organic garden, and a variety of other hands-on experiences.

Directed Draw Program

Directed Draw involves training a child to perceive visual data with an alphabet of 5 basic elements of shape- the dot, circle, straight line, curved line and the angle line. The approach gives the children the freedom to create their own composition and detail. The language and atmosphere in the room are geared toward a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment, where the child learns there is no wrong way to draw and that everybody can be successful.

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